Wednesday, September 23, 2009

6 More Days!

6 days= a whole lot to do before I leave. At least that is what it feels like, but after a pretty slow summer, some craziness is more than welcome! I realized this morning when I spilled pumpkin spice latte down my white shirt that I am most definantly going to need a tide pen in Haiti. I'm so clumsy sometimes! Especially when I am wearing white!
I get to spend a few days with my friend from Breckenridge, who is coming down thursday! I'm hoping to take her to the cheap movie theatre in Fort Collins, get our nails done, and eat chinese food. Some traditions shouldn't be broken!
I can't believe tomorrow is the last Girls Bible Study! It has been going since January of Febuary, and we have had so many great times and learned so much! I'm gonna miss those girls a ton! Thank you God for trusting Courteney and I with teaching them the Word, loving on them, and fellowshipping. It has been an adventure!

It was so great to go up to Rocky Mountain Natl. Park yesterday with Jessica, a friend from Church. We just had a blast hiking and taking pictures. I conquered my fear of plunging headfirst down a waterfall as we jumped from rock to rock, getting stares from the elderly hikers on the trail. Luckily, neither of us fell in!
Well, I better get on with my day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's official

Woo Hoo! I have got a ticket to Port Au Prince, Haiti for September 30th. Thank you everybody who was praying for me. The wait is over and I can plan out my life now! But oh my goodness... that's only two weeks! Not that I have much left to do, I'm halfway done packing, although my suitcase is 10 pounds overweight, my shot record is up-to-date, all I really have to do is say goodbye, oh and cancel my car insurance. Anyway, I am so excited! It feels 'real' now that I have a date.

I guess I should really start working harder on my creole. My mom has been teaching me from an old creole book, which is okay, but there are a lot of mistakes and it is kinda boring. But last night we found a great resource on youtube, it is called "Good News Haiti" and it is like a children's bible read in creole. It was really fun because I could understand a lot of it. Plus, I learned several useful phrases such as "Bondye Reme Ou" God loves you! Here it is if you wanna check it out.

I'm gonna enjoy all of my winter clothes before I go even if I'm burning up, it will be good practice right? Oh, and I should start taking cold showers too.