Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Cockroach

Okay, the picture doesn't do a very good job of showing how huge and menacing this cockroach was, but believe me it was big. I could even see its fangs! Next time I will zoom in more. He chose the wrong day to relax in my shower that is for sure. Lisa warned me that there is a crunching sound when you kill one of these bad boys, So I protected my ears with loud music from my ipod, armed myself with a flip-flop, closed my eyes and swung. It was still crawling around when I opened my eyes, so I ran out of there. Five minutes later he was dead. So now you know the story of how I mortally wounded my first cockroach!

Actually, I am improving in speed and accuracy in my mosquito hunting also. There is something thrilling about starting every shower with a little bug slapping cardio. It doesn't send chills up my spine to know that the mosquito's guts are on my hands anymore either. See Courteney, I can be 3rd world girl after all!

Me and the boys started school on Monday, and they have been great at jumping right back into all of the work. We have been starting out our days with a small Creole lesson, I am so not qualified to teach that! The last two days we have been taking field trips to the guest house to borrow their internet, but today our internet got set up. Hurray!

My dad is on an airplane to Fort Lauderdale right now and he will get in to Haiti tomorrow morning! It will be fun to have him around for a while, and great to have a translator. Between Lisa, me and the Creole dictionary, we can sometimes get our point across to the Alex, our housekeeper. The other day I almost told the Jean Paul, our yard boy, to take out the thrash. That could have been bad! Maybe we will hop on a tap-tap (the only public transportation is Haiti, basically brightly painted trucks that you can ride) and go on some adventures. I really miss the independence of having a car and the ability to communicate with people that I had in America.


  1. omg i love you girl! you're so funny and i miss you so stinkin much already! ur a great blogger lol. it makes me laugh to hear bout all ur bug adventures! i wish i was there, we would make a great team! we'd be those bugs worse nightmare lol! talk to you soon!

  2. Way to go, Cookie! You are hilarious! I agree with Anna, you're a great blogger. I love hearing about your adventures! Love you, Tooks!