Saturday, October 3, 2009

A week of firsts

This first week in Haiti was brought with it a long list of first experiences

  • First time to fatally wound a cockroach (for your enjoyment I will post a picture later)
  • First shower under 5 minutes
  • First time to wake up to a rooster crowing
  • First shopping trip in Haiti
  • First time to cook in Haiti

As soon as I have my camera I will fill you in on the story of "the cockroach". I am starting to get used to it here, and along with that comes completely giving up on looking good and accepting the fact that I will never again be clean and dry.

I am looking forward to going to church tomorrow! Another first for me!

We are starting school again on Monday, it will be interesting to see if we can find everything we need. I will try to post another blog again soon, we do not have internet set up yet, so I just need to remember my camera the next time I go somewhere with an internet connection!


  1. "Off to a good start", says Uncle Dennis. Keep the blog going.
    We are praying for you daily and look forward to knowing how God is using you to bless others in Haiti.

  2. don't worry... i don't even notice the roosters anymore. you learn to sleep through anything. :)