Monday, November 16, 2009

Learning to expect the unexpected

I love weekends in Haiti! You never know what could end up happening...

On Saturday, Megan and I went to a museum in downtown Port au Prince with her friend Francois. It was really fun to see a different part of the city. Our tour guide spoke english, but I think he was making up the dates he told us. Oh well, it kept things interesting. After that, we got some drinks and sat in a park. That wouldn't have been safe without Francois there because there are lots of men around with nothing better to do than make kissing sounds at the white girls. The best part was a conversation I got to have with a Haitian man. It was definantly a God moment, because usually when people come up and try to start a conversation I ignore them or tell them that I don't speak Creole. But for some reason I started talking to him. He wanted to know all about me, especially whether I had a husband or a boyfriend. He informed me that if I marry an American he won't want me to be visiting Haiti. I told him that I might get lucky! I explained to him that I am in Haiti because I love God, and God told me to come here. I asked him if he loves God, and he said, "a little bit". I told him bluntly that he needed to accept Jesus as his savior so that Jesus would forgive his sins. He told me that he loves money and wondered if following Jesus would help him make more money. I know that some people might believe that and even preach that, but I chose to tell him the story of the rich young ruler. Our conversation didn't end with him accepting Christ, but I hope some seeds were planted.

That night we headed over to the birthing clinic where Joanna lives for a party! Joanna is an amazing cook and made lots of pizza and other great snacks. We had a great time getting to know each other better. I love having so many girls to hang out with here! Then, the unexpected happened. A woman went into labor and came over to the clinic. It was a lot of fun to hang out with all of the midwives and in the morning, to be there for the birth of a sweet little boy. But I have to admit, that is one disgusting miracle!

Today was the perfect temperature, a little bit overcast, but still mostly sunny. Still in the low 80's and 60% humidity. It is amazing that that feels cool to me. I have a feeling that this week is going to fly by just like last week did. The whole month will probably fly by. This time next month I will be on a plane from Miami to Denver! I'm going to freeze my tail off!

I am starting to really understand the language, and getting a little more comfortable speaking to people. Megan and I learned the handy phrase, "what? you've never seen a white person before?"

God is teaching me so much about going with the flow and expecting the unexpected. It is a great feeling to not really be concerned when we are out of propane and don't have enough power to run the microwave and still get a fairly well rounded meal. As always, thank you so much for your prayers!

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  1. Speaking...keep at it sweetie.

    Also can't wait till you'll be freezing. I'll be joining you in Denver the very next day!!